How To Remove Old Red Stains From Carpet?

Carpets have been a useful and undoubtedly the most amazing method used for floorings. These carpets hide the flaws and cracks of our house in an obvious way. But sometimes we do face problems when it comes to remove old red stains from carpet. These are the most stubborn stains and do not leave no matter how hard we try. So to provide you a solution for this problem this article talks about the ways by which you can easily get rid of these stains.


It can provide a great help when it comes to clean these stains. You can easily get rid of them with the help of one cup of ammonia. Sponge the solution of one cup ammonia in two liters of warm water to make all these stains fade away. Wipe up the area with a dry cloth after sponging and repeat these steps when in need.

Shaving Creams

Shaving creams other than helping you get you face shaven can also help remove old red stains from carpet. All you need is to spread some shaving cream on the stain spot immediately and pat it with a wet sponge or rough cloth. Leave it on for few moments then damp it all with a sponge to completely wash off the stain. Shaving cream provides a great solution for the grease and oil stains along with the juicy ones. All you need to do is pour some of it on the stain, let it dry and just wipe it off with a damp, and the stain is all gone.


These home remedies are very helpful and should be considered before you go out to seek overpriced professional help. These solutions will surely provide you a solution to remove old red stains from carpet.