Finding An Ideal DUI Attorney On Your Own

If you’re charged with DUI it may mean a whole lot more than a meager suspension and list of fees that you’re required to pay; DUI records can ruin your name, career and is more than able to taint your perfect record, depending on the situation. As independent as you may be, when it comes to matters like these better leave them at the hands of a professional DUI attorney, one that’s more than capable of handling your specific case. Once you decide to seek their help, all that’s left is to find one, so how can you do that?

Do Your Own Research

A great DUI attorney will actually lend an ear, do their best to thoroughly understand your case and assist you at court and this amazing lawyer won’t just magically appear before you. It’s important to do research on numerous DUI attorneys before picking the one that’s best suitable for the case. Right off the bat there’s social media and the internet to offer good sources. Opinions and suggestions of trusted friends and family should also be considered.

Create a Shortlist of Potential Lawyers

Well, creating a list is as straightforward as it sounds whether you write them on paper or create a spreadsheet. The list should contain the lawyers that you’re interested in handling your case; include their names, numbers, area of specialty, address and other contact details.

Evaluate if they’re Qualified for Your Case

Holding the title of lawyer doesn’t automatically mean that they can perfectly handle any case hurled their way, including yours. We recommend checking the State Bar website check if any attorney in your shortlist may have had a record involving malpractice or has been subjected to certain disciplinary actions. Also, take note if they’re licensed to practice in your specific state and of they’re actually familiar with the laws implemented there.