Finding The Best Tailor

For a man, the fit of a bespoke suit will either break their look or make their look. However, how could a man who has just begun upgrading the wardrobe know if the fit is good or bad? Well, one way is to find the best bespoke tailor. Fortunately, Fashion Galleria offers bespoke tailoring services now!

But, if you can’t find any Fashion Galleria near your location, then we got your back.

Before worrying about the tailor’s experience and quality, you should first know where to find one. And let us tell you this, finding one is not easy.


Who does not use Google? Today, almost everything can be found on Google. You simply need to type what you’re looking for and then boom! You got what you need.

For those who do not know, a lot of business is listed on Google, whether they don’t have any website or have one. Google will eventually find that business as long as its info is out there.

Using Google will be your simplest way to find the website, contact info, or the location of the tailor.

There is only 1 disadvantage. Google apparently is not 100% updated with the listings of businesses around your area. This all depends on where you live.

Phone Book

If Google can’t find you a tailor near your location, then it is time to use the traditional way. Though phone books are increasingly becoming unconnected, there are still a lot of handy businesses listed there.

You could simply search in the tailor category and find one that you find interesting (and still exists!).

All you need to have is an updated phone book. If you don’t have one, try asking your friends and family members. Surely one of them has it.