Types of Bulk SMS Reselling

Companies have turned to all sorts of advertisement from newspaper adds to television commercials and even review websites. As a business, person or company that knows all too well that you offer just what it is that the market needs of course you’d want to create as much presence possible. Aside from the artists you can hire, the printing house that you commission and marketing experts you ask advice from, another marketing approach is availing packages from companies with SMS reseller white label software and other software for the SMS reseller scheme that’s ideal for you. If you think about it, no one completely escapes from the digital world and it’s highly unlikely that text messages will be phased out any time soon. Below are the bulk SMS reselling types you can pick from.

  1. Affiliate – by choosing this type of SMS reselling, the SMS will be sent with the same exact user ID by the affiliated person. The affiliate type is commonly used by companies that want the same user ID.
  2. Dual brand – here, the reseller has the option to resell the resell the SMS with the same URL but featuring a new user ID. It’s usually employed for dual branded messenger for users during the send texts, log in and receive process. Dual brand types can also be used to numerous customer accounts, earn commissions during every official sale and in creating reports.
  3. White label – the reseller is allowed a new User ID and URL. The SMS reseller will offer the client assistance in sending bulk SMS with their company’s URL and user ID displayed. The creation toll provides the actual User ID of the client alongside the live report and master account; take note that the offers and advantages depend on the package.