Dating With The Help Of Tastebuds

When we say dating with Tastebuds, we don’t mean it in a literal way instead we mean the dating app called Tastebuds. You don’t need us to tell you that there are dozens of dating apps out there but keep in mind that not all of them are all that great. It’s impractical and tiring to actually try all the available dating apps online, so why not go for the dating apps that constantly rank high on reviews and lists?


As one of only a handful of dating apps that consistently earn their place on reviews, Tastebuds is only available in iOS and is gives special emphasis on a user’s taste in music; it’s a considerable factor when compatibility is concerned. Tastebuds is also one of a few dating apps where a Facebook account is only an option; it’s mandatory for the majority of other dating apps. Once your account is complete, you can begin looking through profiles that catch your attention; see their interests and song clips that they’ve added to their profiles. ‘Like’ a user if they interest your or just skip them otherwise; send a song or message to users even before they match with your profile.

Overall, it creates an enjoyable experience thanks to the simple and clean user interface and the profile not even a bit complicated; you can use photos even if they were not uploaded to your Facebook account. The option to the clip that a person added on their account as you read up on their information adds a unique personal touch. It’s kind of a new and updated way of sending someone mixtapes, which is cute and unique. Some users have said that the Tastebuds helped them in looking for friends with similar music tastes as well as concert buddies.