Options You Could Choose If You Are Living With An Alcoholic Husband

You have probably heard the saying “alcohol addiction is a family illness” if you are involved with a person who’s struggling with alcoholism or with alcohol abuse. However, do you really know what that phrase means? Do you know want you should do if living with an alcoholic affects the life of your family?

Well, the phrase above simply means that the addiction of your husband has effects on the whole family, whether it could be verbal or physical abuse.

Here are the options that you could consider when you are dealing with a husband with alcohol addiction:

Do Nothing

Yes, this might seem a horrible option. But this is a choice that a lot of spouses select. Oftentimes, it could be really hard to detach the husband they married to the person they have turned into.

Several spouses will only have memories to hold on to. They only hope that their husband will come back on their own. Unfortunately, that is not the case. This is not the best choice. However, a lot of spouses choose it.

Confront Them

You could do this in a 1-on-1 communication. You could also do this in the intervention form with other people who are close to your husband. Do not expect that your husband will change if you don’t confront him.

Most of the time, this could end badly. So, to avoid this situation, make sure that your husband is sober.

Do Not Enable Them

Do not take care of them anymore when they are drunk or hungover.

If your husband doesn’t want your help with his addiction, then it is way better to not make it easier for your husband to use an alcohol.

Oftentimes, this might mean you need to leave the house.