A Look At Whatsapp’s Status Feature

One of the most popular apps for messaging nowadays is Whatsapp. This comes from a plethora of messaging apps that enable you to contact your friends without the need to have load balance. What’s more, is that a lot of these apps enable you to do more than just normal SMS texting, and having status for whatsapp. What makes this added feature interesting? Let’s find out below.

It’s Quite Similar to Facebook Messenger’s “My Day”

If you want to share random things, from random thoughts through text, videos, and animated GIFs but do not want it to last longer than a day, then this is the perfect platform for you, as everything you post via Whatsapp status disappears after 24 hours. This means that you don’t really have to post the best of the best. Whatever floats your boat at the moment, you can post without any inhibitions.

You Can Customize Who Views Your Posts

By default, only you and your contacts with their phone numbers saved on your book can view whatever you post through Whatsapp status. You can also view other’s posts by opening the Status tab. If you’re not comfortable with other contacts seeing your status, then you can filter them out through the “Status Privacy” features.

You Can Get Creative and Interactive

From GIFs to plain old text, to pictures and videos, it can be said that the multimedia support for Whatsapp status is extensive, and hence allows you to be more creative with the things that you post. This takes uniqueness of interaction to a whole new level. What’s more is that contacts who can see your posts could reply to you as well, and hence providing an effective avenue for communication to take place.